Batman's equipment

Batman's equipment, car, tools and costume, which you can find in the shops over the entire world, gain their popularity in the TV series of the 1960s. The Batman comics and movies didn't draw that much attention to his gadgetry, which he used to fight crime, like these series did.

Batman is quite unique compared to other superheroes. Spiderman, Flash or Superman for example all fought against villains with their supernatural powers, which Batman however does not possess. He relies solely on his physical strength, training of martial arts and great equipment to clean streets of Gotham. No other superhero uses so many gadgets than Batman does. Batman's adventures are revealing throughout the comics, cartoons and movies mainly by constantly presenting us with innovative gadgetry.

Depending on the creativity and imagination of the artists or the instructions of a director for certain cut, Batman gadgets have slowly evolved throughout the years. All the equipment is colored black and holds the famous Batman logotype. Popularity that Batman gained was very profitable for the market, and we can find toyshops around the globe filled with Batman action figures, Batman's costumes and his equipment.

Batman's Batmobile

One of the greatest gadgets we can find in Batman's arsenal is probably his vehicle, the Batmobile. All kind of designs have been made through the history of Batman, but all the vehicles keep to the same style, which are black colored, high speed, high-tech cars with a bat logo and bat tailfins. In certain episodes of the famous 1960 series, Batmobile was equipped with grenade launchers and advanced machine guns. Additional vehicles Batman uses to fight crime in Gotham city are Batcycle and Batboat.

While his vehicles may look cool, no other equipment is handier than his Utility Belt. This is where Batman keeps most of his portable devices for an easy access, like the Batarang. The Batarang is custom made weapon very close to Australian natives' boomerang, and may be set accordingly to suit every situation. To scale or get down from tall walls or buildings, Batman uses his Batrope.

Robin, Batman's crime fighting companion also uses special devices that he and Batman invented toghether. They created all of these modern, technologically advanced weapons in the safe place of Batman's cave, the Batcave. There, they had all the safety and space they needed to patent some of the inventions like the Bat Handcuffs, Bat Camera, Bat Radar and Bat Sprays, used to deal with big fish like sharks.

In the shelter of Batcave, there was also the Bat Computer, which helped Batman to monitor crime activity in Gotham city and consequently target it with greater precision. Man under the Batman costume is multimillionaire Bruce Wayne, who inherited from his parents the largest company in whole of Gotham - the Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne used his time and money to invest in weapon and technology development for his Batman character to fight the crime in Gotham city.

One of the reasons Batman didn't use firearms and preferred gadgets was his dislike for guns. His parents were killed by a gunman when he was still a child, and by using guns himself would made him feel just like the criminals he decided to fight against.