Who is Batman?

Batman is a very popular fictional comic book super hero and movie character who has been around for many decades.

In the story Batman's secret identity unknown to the public is American billionaire Bruce Wayne. The Batman character appears publicly always in the bat costume and complete with a mask. Wayne is supposed to be an industrialist and also philanthropist whose whole motivation is the fact that he witnessed the gruesome murder of his own parents when he was only a child. The event has a far-reaching impact on the young mind and he swears to avenge their killing as well as fight crime in general. He never forgets and as he grows up he makes some extra-ordinary preparations. He trains himself physically and also mentally to combat some of the most evil criminals the world has ever seen. Wayne decides to create a bat-themed costume which quickly becomes his dreaded trademark as he goes round crusading for justice and protecting the weak and defenseless.

Batman Comic

Batman's operations are centered in the city (in this case a fictional called Gotham city. One of the reasons that has probably made the Batman super hero character so wildly popular is the fact that he is usually positioned as the underdog faced with such great odds in combating criminals who seem to be so much more powerful that he. Unlike other super heroes Batman does not have any special powers. Instead he has to rely on tact, intellect, science and technology to outsmart his foes. He also uses detective skills (he is also referred to as the world's greatest detective) and martial arts skills for combat.

He is supported in his crusade by his lovable butler Alfred Pennyworth and crime fighting partner Robin. Other supporting characters include the woman in his life, Batgirl and police commissioner Jim Gordon.

There is no doubt that Batman is a cultural icon. Batman has been licensed and adapted into a wide range of media. From popular movies to TV shows and radio. The character has also appeared in countless different merchandise from toys to games and video shows. Batman is ranked amongst the top comic book heroes of all time coming second only to Superman.

The creators of the Batman character were Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The Batman character first appeared in 1939. The duo was inspired by contemporary popular culture in the 1930s. Interestingly both creators of this amazing character hardly received the credit they deserved for their creativity. For many years Batman appeared without any indication of who the creator was. It was only the late 1970s when the creators started being named in Superman titles that Batman stories started crediting Kane with the creation of the character. Fingers received even less recognition for his role as a co-creator of this hugely successful comic book and later movie character. In fact by the time he died in 1974 he had still not been really recognized for his contributions.

Though fictional, there is little doubt that Batman will remain with us for many more years to come and will continue to inspire and intrigue numerous generations to come.

Needless to say I'm a huge fan of the Batman series and the comics, but I do fancy some others too. Check them out if you like, I'm quite sure you know a few of them!